Your business path to net zero carbon

Businesses should establish a clear and meaningful vision for sustainability and implement realistic short and mid-term goals for action. They also need to identify and assess the full impact of climate risk while establishing a sound governance system.

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Assurance and certification

We provide independent certification and assurance services that recognize real achievements in sustainability, enhance reputation and build trust with customers, investors and stakeholders

renewal and deployment

We help design, implement and evaluate policies, business models and large-scale projects to improve energy efficiency and meet ambitious carbon reduction targets.

assessment and evaluation

We can measure and analyze your carbon footprint, resource efficiency and environmental impact to help you become a more sustainable business or organization.

Strategy and consulting

We advise businesses, governments and the public sector on strategy, risks and opportunities, goal setting, carbon reduction plans and the transition to a low carbon world.

“Companies need to understand their full environmental footprint, which is often overlooked. They should also work closely with their suppliers to achieve synergies in reducing emissions through collaboration.”

Tony Bloom-San Diego

what are we doing?

We provide solutions to the climate crisis. We support organizations around the world as they accelerate towards carbon neutralization from setting goals, carbon neutralization pathways, identifying the carbon footprint to policy consulting, to strategy setting and plan programme delivery, we are here to fix biggest global problem. Here is how we do it.

Removal and conversion of asbestos cement

Carbon and methane reduction project in barley and wheat crops in industrial production

Planting new orchards, field crops, ornamental trees and vegetation

Replacing exterior and interior lighting with LED lighting


Solar systems on water reservoirs and fish ponds

We have more than one way to deal with carbon emissions

Come and be exposed to our project catalog, where you can offset carbon by choosing from dozens of diverse, social and efficient projects.