Introduction & Purpose

Global Climate Tech LTD works to develop projects that reduce CO2 and sell these carbon reductions to the public to offset their emissions.

Global Climate Tech LTD has created a marketplace which provides a place for you to find, learn about, and purchase Global Climate Tech LTD Certified carbon credits from projects that we helped to develop and/or certify.

Please read on to find out more about your rights as a buyer. By purchasing carbon credits on the Global Climate Tech LTD marketplace, you accept and agree to our company policy.

Terms for Purchasing Credits


By shopping on the Global Climate Tech LTD marketplace, you understand and agree that:

  1. You are at least thirteen (13) years old;
  2. You have the authority and capability to enter in to these Terms;
  3. You have read the project listing, including the project description, before making a purchase;
  4. You will submit appropriate and timely payment and comply with the payment terms;
  5. Payments via the online Project Marketplace platform are made through third party payment providers;
  6. All prices are in US Dollars and all payments should be made in US Dollars;
  7. Global Climate Tech LTD will take 15% of the proceeds from the price listed at the time of purchase on the Marketplace to cover foreign exchange rates, transactional fees, and the administration costs for hosting and maintaining the Project Marketplace online platform;
  8. After purchase, the Global Climate Tech LTD carbon credits are publicly retired in near to real-time. This ensures the credits are not recirculated or resold;
  9. A Retirement Certificate documenting the purchase details and providing links to the credit Retirements will be sent to the email address used for purchasing the Global Climate Tech LTD-certified carbon credits;
  10. Carbon credits purchased via the Project Marketplace may not be sold onwards;
  11. The credit Retirements are publicly displayed in the Global Climate Tech LTD Registry. Retirements include the attribution name and the order number only;
  12. Carbon Credits sold by Global Climate Tech LTD are for personal use and you agree not to use them for any resale purposes.

Process for Purchasing Credits


Upon purchase of carbon credits, you will receive a non-transferable certificate, sent by email, to confirm that the emissions will be compensated. The certificate does not imply carbon neutrality or anything other than the retirement of the specified number of Global Climate Tech LTD-certified carbon credits.

Payment Terms

Payments can be made online via the Global Climate Tech LTD Marketplace using a credit or debit card. Funds must reach Global Climate Tech LTD’s bank account before the carbon credits can be retired. Within three (3) business days of receiving funds, Global Climate Tech LTD will publicly retire the carbon credits and generate a retirement certificate to send to you.

Recurring Payments

If you who would like to regularly offset their carbon emissions, we offer the option to make recurring payments for carbon credits. Global Climate Tech LTD will securely store any payment information and will bill you at the beginning of each month. You will receive a monthly email receipt for the purchase. If at any point you would like to cancel the recurring payments, you can cancel the subscription on the Global Climate Tech LTD website before the next billing period, and the recurring payments will stop.


The Global Climate Tech LTD-certified carbon credits you purchase will be retired by Global Climate Tech LTD so that they cannot be recirculated or resold. They are therefore non-refundable.

Tax Deduction

Your purchase of Global Climate Tech LTD – certified carbon credits may be tax deductible depending on the laws of your home country. Global Climate Tech LTD makes no representations or warranties as to whether your purchase is tax deductible. Global Climate Tech LTD will not at any time provide any advice as to whether your purchase is tax deductible. Instead, you should consult a local tax professional.

Our Carbon Calculator

The emissions calculations made by the Global Climate Tech LTD Carbon Calculator are based on your responses to the questions asked. Our calculations are estimations based on the latest scientific data relating to emissions factors, but the accuracy of the calculations cannot be guaranteed. As new scientific data is released, we will review our methodology for calculating emissions and make appropriate adjustments as necessary.

Global Climate Tech LTD is not responsible for any Carbon Calculator users’ claims that they are, or their business is, carbon neutral. 


If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at