Beitar Illit

2 Million KW solar panels & 1 Million KW savings with installation of LED in Beitar Illit

The city of Beitar Illit is one of Israel’s largest and most rapidly growing cities. The city is transitioning to more energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for lighting and electricity. Rather than continuing to rely on energy from fossil fuels, the city has installed rooftop solar panels at multiple locations. Solar \panels produce electricity from sunlight avoiding the burning of fossil fuels which release harmful greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Additionally, the municipality has upgraded its street lighting by replacing many existing lighting fixtures with new, energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures. Additional Project Benefits:In addition to environmental benefits, the project supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 1: Ending Poverty Beitar Illiti is an underprivileged community with an impoverished population. Solar panels and LED lights reduce city expenditures for energy. With the money saved the city is able to better support the community and help lift them from poverty. SDG 4: Quality Education Religious communities tend to have a low level of awareness concerning climate change and global warming. The installation of solar panels and transitioning to LED lights both contribute to a greater awareness in the community of their carbon emissions. SDG 7: Equitable Access to Modern energy Services Installing solar panels makes energy cleaner and more affordable, saving the city  $XXX per year, SDG 13: Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change and It's Effects Installation of solar panels and transitioning to LED lighting is a practical way to combat climate change and its impacts by reducing carbon emissions through the use of more efficient technology.